Sunday, December 18, 2005

Revisit to ACM

Today is a fine day for the revisit to ACM (Asian Civilisation Museum aka Empress Place Museum). Our last visit was on 17 Jul 2005 to view the Vatican Artifacts. Once again the 4 Arts GE mates made their way to ACM, this time with the Simlim Underdog.

We visited ACM for the special event Power Dressing. This special showcase presents textiles for Rulers and Priests from the Chris Hall Collection. Featured are the Chinese dressing of silken treasures from the 5th century BCE to early 20th century. We learnt cultures and symbols of Imperial Robes, Rank Badges and Furnishings. Also on display were some religious textiles like the embroidered Thousand Buddha robe on yellow ground.

We also made an attempt at the "legendary" hydrolic lift!!! The 5 of us entered the small little lift at Level 3 with curiousity... the door shut quickly, and we discovered the label "Weight Limit: 300kg - 2 man and 1 on Wheel Chair" OMG!!! each of us weigh an average of 65kg!!! That was like way over the scale!!! Our dear Chongming began to panic and started rambling non-stop... it was just like the tv, people trapped in the lift and one person starts to panic... I bet Chongming couldn't tell that he was getting louder each second. I was trying hard to calm him down... The lift door was shut and my stopwatch hit 3min... the door is still closed!!! The lift was so slow that we couldn't feel any movement at all... 4min... Everyone started to feel adrenaline getting higher... All 3 buttons "1, 2, 3" were lit... 5min... the door started to gently open... WOW are we glad to step out of it, simply exciting =) (All thanks to Assoc. Prof Quek Hiok Chai, SC301: Control and Instrumentation)

The final highlight was the visit to Carl's Jr, the new kid in Singapore! Only Pong and I had been to this fast food outlet previously, it was a first for the rest. The servings was ENORMOUS, like 2x Burger King. I had problems finishing the last mouthful while the rest felt it was just enough to stomach. I think my Marginal Utility for Fastfood is much lower than the rest =P

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